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Series STA-R

Soiled Tray Accumulators

Safe Guard System™

Caddy's Safe Guard System™
Automatically stops the unit if a tray is positioned improperly.

STA-R Systems Save Space
Handle a maximum number of trays in a minimum of space. The ideal system where many cafeteria customers bus their trays at the same time.

STA-R Systems Save Labor
They run efficiently with minimum dishroom staffing. During off peak serving times, STA-R Systems collect trays while the staff attends to other duties. Caddy's Safe Guard System™ automatically stops the unit if a tray is positioned improperly.
STA-R Systems Save Money
Caddy's worldwide reputation for quality, low maintenance and long equipment life make STA-R Systems your best value.
  • Tray Carrier Choices
    Carriers are available in stainless steel or high impact polymer, for lighter weight.
  • Capacities
    Carriers come in 4 tray or 5 tray versions. (5 tray version shown above)
  • Available in any length
  • Decorator Colors
    Tray carriers are available in decorator colors to enhance color schemes.
  • Easiest Cleaning
    No tools are needed for removal, so tray carriers can be quickly, easily and safely cleaned.
  • With or Without a Table
    Lowers cost where tables are unnecessary.

Kitchen View of STA-R Accumulator, showing
Soiled Dish Table and Busing Conveyor

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