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Series XL-Easy Reach™
Express Line

Tray Makeup Conveyor System

Elevated Conveyor Bed
Powered Dura-San Band™
Reduce Conveyor Length by Half Using the Same Support Equipment
So unique it was granted a U.S. Patent.
Patent #5,052,548
  • Parallel stations promote better coordination between servers.
  • Rejects can be noticed and corrected before the tray reaches the end of the line.
  • With the starter and final checker positions at the same end, rejects are easy to send back for corrections.
  • The Dura-San Band™ is impervious to liquids and sheds food like water off a duck's back.
  • Hot and cold stations can be opposite each other, without interference.
  • An intermediate food checker can easily be stationed at the turn point.
  • A 450 bed hospital only needs about 15 menu stands when the starter and final checkers are at the same end.
  • No "pinch points" to catch fingers, and no chains to snag clothing. So safe it can be cleaned while in motion.

Caddy Reliability - a tradition since 1945.

  • The sealed gear box needs no lubrication.
  • The motor is waterproof for easy wash down.
So few moving parts, it is practically maintenance free.
XL-Easy Reach™ is always customized to meet your needs.

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