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Caddy Corporation-Bridgeport, NJ. Has been producing cutting edge kitchen ventilation for over three decades and now they have launched a strategic partnership with Melink that is proving to be a success for both companies while benefiting food service consultants, dealers and end-users.

Caddy first got into (DCV) Demand Control Ventilation several years ago with the introduction of their Caddy Smart Hood. While The Smart Hood has been a strong seller and a good solution for lower volume kitchens it is a temperature based only system and they have limitations.

 This is where Melink and their Intelli-Hood system enter the picture.  Melink pioneered demand control ventilation controls for commercial kitchen hoods over 23 years ago. They have more than 10,000 installations worldwide and service expertise to go along with it. Melink’s patented technology provides superior performance and energy savings with the use of both temperature and optic sensors.  The advantages are that optic sensors allow a lower minimum speed with faster fan ramp up times for greater energy savings while also ensuring a robust capture and containment of all smoke.  The Intelli- Hood intelligent algorithms provide automatic daily calibration allowing the kitchen staff to just come in and cook. The system is basically plug and play with simple controls eliminating installation problems and making it very easy to use.  With the ability for a single system to control 30 hoods and produce yield savings of up to 97% in fan energy and 70% savings in conditioned air, the payoff usually happens in 1 to 3 years.  This combined with the great value of a high end constructed Caddy hood and unparalleled service from both companies makes it a win win for all.

The Caddy Melink combination doesn’t just provide an amazing system it also provides a great value compared too many limited or complicated multi temperature based only systems because the upfront cost of the optics is low compared to the amount of energy savings dollars that will be recovered in such a short time. Especially, if there are multiple hoods on the project.  Also since Caddy handles everything for you including pre- install work and notification to Melink for startup and training complicated installs will save money as well.  The savings do not stop there. When compared to damper-based systems the money saving percentages more than double because of the costs associated with long duct runs, additional 90 degree turns and the need for increased fan speed, i.e. energy costs. Long Duct runs with modulating dampers constantly cycling also present a higher risk of costly repairs and food service shut downs.

The Caddy Melink system is designed for optimal energy efficiency by controlling each hood/ fan system independently of the others. It minimizes long, potentially combustible greasy duct run lengths. It eliminates multiple 90 degree turns, limits the risks of adding modulating dampers, and allows for lower fan speeds.  Thus reducing static pressures and ensuring superior energy savings. Caddy and Melink represent great design, ease of operation, and best of all upfront and long term savings.

For more information please Visit them at NAFEM booth # 2800 or contact Caddy at (856) 467-4222 and on the internet:

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