Caddy Corporation- Bridgeport, NJ.  Just Like the city that they lay in the shadows of (Philadelphia), Caddy appreciates their rich history. With 70 years of business and consistent year over year growth Caddy has plenty to be proud about, but what they are excited about most is their future and this is because of their employees.  Several key promotions and additional employees hired, Caddy has a real can do attitude that encompasses the entire company. With their pipe line full, Caddy will be keeping their 71,000sq foot factory busy with high end custom hoods and conveyors for quite a while. 

Although the history of Caddy is impressive and the numbers are strong; what will keep this veteran company relevant?  What will continue to give them growth and fuel the fire?  Well, that would be Caddy’s employees or as they refer to themselves as the “core” and many seem to have the same energetic enthusiasm as a plutonium core in a science fiction movie. Caddy’s employees love what they do and they love Caddy. That’s why they seem to never leave. Just ask 36 year veteran conveyor expert Michael Bodine who jokes with Denise Getsinger the shipping Manager for 34 years that she did not get the best rate on the last shipment. Denise like so many others there stands up for herself with a passionate “Yes I Did!” Phil Bailis, VP of Sales and one of the newbies with 3 years at Caddy jokes with the two of them about being “work married” Bailis known for his industry experience as well as his aggressive passion is charged with one task, continuing to growing sales dollars. This comes from Caddy’s CEO Craig Cohen. “We are a family here, maybe slightly dysfunctional one at times, Cohen jokes, but seriously, we all do our part and we have our eye on the future.” Cohen continues to explain how in the 15 years since he purchased the company from his father he has looked to hire fresh young talent to mix in with the seasoned employees.  Take President, Harry Schmidt who has been with Caddy for 37 years. Harry, who is an engineer by trade, has been able to train several other engineers over the years, many whom are now in key positions. Recently promoted, Dan Ayars is now head of engineering and Brad Wallace recently went from engineering to a director of sales. These moves keep us on our feet and make for well-rounded employees.

By investing in their employees and adding positions Caddy has been able to stay in the forefront of high- end ventilation and conveyor design. They recently added an interactive training center, showroom and R and D outlet. Next up are plans to transform the factory floor and upgrade the laser for efficiency. Let’s see what the next 70 years looks like for Caddy!

For more information please Visit them at NAFEM booth # 2800 or contact Caddy at (856) 467-4222 and on the internet: