Caddy Corporation- Bridgeport, NJ.  Has been manufacturing UVC hoods and conveyors for many years now, but recently they have seen a dramatic surge in the demand for UVC to be included in many of their products. They believe in ventilation this is due to the demand of green building as well as the use of ecology systems for multi-purpose structures. On the conveyor side there seems to be a swing back from POD systems to traditional tray- make up conveyors that caddy has always been a leader in.

Ultraviolet or UVC is a technology used by many companies in many types of industries where special light tubes are used to produce ozone or CO2. The ozone produced, photo- decomposes and oxidizes   organic substances such as grease particulates and bacteria.  It works best on molecules smaller than the diameter of a hair follicle, and that is exactly what the majority of the grease size is coming off the cooking equipment.

Caddy’s UVC system in their hoods is used strictly as a ventilation cleaner, not a grease filter system. Meaning you still need grease filters, you just will be able to keep the filters, the ducts, and the fans cleaner now. In fact, the UVC will clean everything you don’t see all away to the roof and it will help that too from dripping grease. All of this greatly diminishes common grease fires. UVC  also helps double the life and reduces  maintenance hours  of disposable filter systems such as a CAS unit or an ecology system that are used when long duct runs are not an option. 

Caddy has continued to research and improve their UVC hoods over the years by making them more reliable, easier to service, and improving their efficiency. They have done this by shrinking the light cassettes using a staggered bulb design, and locating the cassettes outside the direct air stream in the easily accessible lower cooler part of the hood.  Using a quick disconnect design with no need for tools, keys or ladders service is a breeze. The 8000 hour bulb life is visually shown in the touch screen interface as well as standard with audible notifications. All of this can be accomplished in a low profile 24inch hood.

Caddy UVC Hoods provide a rapid ROI whether used in back of the house or frontend, cafeteria- style kitchens. They can be designed into low air volume hood systems, architectural designer hoods, and can be retrofitted when purchasing a Caddy UV- Ready Hood.

Although we talk more about UVC in hoods, there are also great benefits to adding UVC to a Caddy conveyor. UVC will sterilize bands and slats as well as reduce odors in scrap baskets. Making your tray make – up conveyor and soiled dish conveyor perfectly hygienic with no manual labor. 

For more information on Caddy UVC technologies please Visit them at NAFEM booth # 2800 or contact Caddy at (856) 467-4222 and on the internet: